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VIDEO JATheory Review: Agent Sasco’s LOCO

Yes, we know of the societal ills and goodness, and yes and yes.  But let’s be honest have we ever heard any other Artiste playing it so smoothly thus flowing every word of the lyrics so easily of our tongues? This is class right here effortlessly too.

What a crafty and modern way to highlight the ills of this current generation and positives that can be unearth by simply trying. The world is filled with unending negatives yet he found the niche and created a balance highlighting not only the ills but the positives that engulfs the entire human existence.

Thriving to be high on wealth by creating our own, wearing and building our own brands, thus making our likability and marketability pivotal in this society. Our youths have to understand this dimension and Agent Sasco embodied this “Loco Straight Business We About Now”.  Wah More Encouragement Yuh Want?

The social media craze, wherein our ladies are sexualizing themselves just to fit in, just for likes and popularity. The hype and popularity our youths have when they feel the strength of the weapons they parade. Where does it take them in the end? As all that will last for the moment and the glitz, glamour and badness fades with time. Agent Sacco’s embodiment of the era shows that he is on par with what’s trending and his ability to add a beat and lyrics to the tunes of the day makes it an extraordinary time for Dancehall and the continued creativity that can be derived.

There are many things to be learnt from this Sasco LOCO Vibe, many issues that can be solved and the list goes on and on, if you listen keenly you will agree. One thing is for certain, is that the positive vibe that is symbolized in this can never be undone.

The smoothness with which he got the varying messages across is indeed LOCO, you can dance to the beat, vibe to the beat yet the message isn’t lost. Kudos Agent Sasco! “Drop a Koffee remix an call it Coco”

Agent Sasco: LOCO
Video Courtesy of YouTube Channel: SascoTV

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